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Unredacted Productions is currently open for commissions.

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Why Commission us

Why Commission us

As a collective, we take the act of collaboration for granted. Each commission we produce is the collaborative effort – not just the role of one lone artist.

We have over twenty years’ collective experience, and multiple relevant qualifications to each of our names.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes, if you get in touch via one of our contact forms.

Pictured here is the cover for our album ‘The Void OST’. This soundtrack was composed for Lauren Williams’ stage production of the  same name early in the summer of 2018.

A Penchant for Storytelling

Regardless of your stimulus, we have you covered. We are passionate storytellers who live and breathe the narratives we communicate.

We promise authentic and powerful interpretation, accompanied by outstanding customer service throughout our production pipeline, designed specifically to maintain active, meaningful conversation from initiation to completion.

Pictured here is the cover for our debut EP ‘Devizes’, commissioned internally by our writer David Eyre to initiate our story ‘The Intelligence Division: A Tale of Espionage In The World  That Never Happened’.

A Penchant for Storytelling
Music for all audiences

Music for all audiences

Are you a director looking for sound design for your latest stage production? A hobbyist looking to see your original character in a new perspective? Or perhaps a not-for-profit or charitable organisation looking to score promotional material?

Are you looking for the original soundtrack to your film or game? Or perhaps you’re just after an unforgettable gift for a creative friend that draws on their own artistic practice to create something truly unique.

We offer separate, pay-what-you-can pricing for not-for-profit or charitable projects, allowing us to cater fairly to those causes.

Pictured here is the artwork for David Eyre’s debut EP ‘Themes’ – a collection of pieces written as commissions.

Read about our process

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