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The Blurb

When a time travelling immortal psychopath is stranded in the Middle Ages, history is irreversibly changed.

The present day is a shocking dystopia where a group of scientists calling themselves ‘The League of Honourable Strangers’ run amok with technology from thousands of years in the future.

Groups of fractured resistance exist, stuggling in a constant losing battle against a force they can barely attempt to understand.

In a laboratory outside a small town in the south of England, a being is created who will bring these groups together and see their abilities expanded manifold times with the intention of one day destroying The League.

What's this about a story?

On a semi-regular basis, the entire collective comes together to collaborate across their respective media to create a story.

This is that story.

There are expected to be at least four seasons, with each season taking approximately a year to complete.

The story was conceived by David Eyre and is written by him and the friend of the collective known as Missing Echo. The editing of the story is assisted by Jordan Bryan, among others.

At present, a visual telling of the story is in the works. The creators are experimenting with this and other new delivery methods in response to feedback, and all but chapter 1 is currently under intense editing scrutiny.

What's this about a story?

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