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Enter a world of espionage, conspiracy, and kicking arse with quantum physics, told across music and writing.

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The Blurb

When a time travelling immortal psychopath is stranded in the Middle Ages, history is irreversibly changed.

The present day is a shocking dystopia where a group of scientists calling themselves ‘The League of Honourable Strangers’ run amok with technology from thousands of years in the future.

Groups of fractured resistance exist, stuggling in a constant losing battle against a force they can barely attempt to understand.

In a laboratory outside a small town in the south of England, a being is created who will bring these groups together and see their abilities expanded manifold times with the intention of one day bringing down The League


What's this about a story?

All over this website we’re hammering the point: “we are storytellers”. This is the place where you see that sentiment put into action.

On a regular basis, the entire collective comes together to collaborate across their respective media to create a story.

This is that story.

There are expected to be at least four seasons, with each season taking approximately a year to complete.

What's this about a story?

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