Samuel J. Read


Sam’s two contributions to the collective’s third collaborative EP follow perfectly on from his piece ‘A Theme for Fleur White’.

Adelaide’s Theme is an arrangement of a piece by David Eyre that perfectly represents the unconventional, eccentric character design of Adelaide – an ancient artificial intelligence from the distant future disguised as a wide-brimmed fedora.

“Prometheus” is a vast spectacle of orchestral composition that utilises fantastically complex and unusual harmony in the creation of soaring, elegant melodies that perfectly support the narrative for which the piece was commissioned.

Robot Heart

Sam’s debut EP was released under the alias ‘Vizard’. His eclectic EDM alludes to video game music, and EDM acts such as Savant and Haywyre.


Sam’s theme for main protagonist ‘Fleur White’ is a soaring, gorgeous melody featuring highly unusual, yet highly attractive and accessible harmonic writing. It has long been a favourite among members of the collective.


For our debut EP, Sam “Vizard” Read contributed the original Devizes melody, and the villains’ theme ‘The League Honourable Strangers’.