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JADE Conference, 2018

Founding members T. D. Nelson and S. Read attended the JADE conference at the University of Keele, UK. Thomas spoke on the subject of transmedia storytelling as a force for promoting interaction with grassroots organisations and accelerating the development of constructive communities.

Unredacted Productions  featured as a qualitative case study: a group of artists originally connected by geography, specialising in different media were drawn to create naturally occurring transmedia together through the simple act of collaboration on a single narrative.

A term now considered obsolete in some circles, the theory of transmedia storytelling describes the creation of single-narrative artefacts that utilise multiple media. Today, users of social media consume and create such narratives on a daily basis, and mass media enterprises use this to their advantage. But what of those not aware of these techniques? How can these ideas be used to help charities, community groups, artists, and micro-influencers? Nelson concludes that it is time to “Democratise Mass Media’s (Final?) Secret Weapon”.

The talk itself is not available online, though a (considerably more substantial) peer-reviewed write up of the talk is available to read in the conference edition of the JADE Journal, linked to below. This source is peer reviewed, and open access.

Read the publication Here

The Development of Interactive Audio in Video Games

Samuel Read’s paper titled “How has the Development of Interactive Audio Affected Music In Video

Games?” investigates the effects of interactive audio on gameplay experiences. The essay considers different forms of interactive composition, ranging from Mozart’s “Musikalisches Würfelspiel, K.516f”, to the modern conceptions of vertical remixing and horizontal resequencing.

This paper has not been peer reviewed, nor published elsewhere. It is released as an open access source, though all rights are reserved.

Read the publication here