For personal use

Personal use commissions are ideal for hobbyists, gifts, or instances where you want us – the composers – to work with a little bit of freedom.

We charge £15 for a “Loop”.

A piece of minimum 50 measures, maximum 60 measures that would be ideal for events, ringtones, personal videos, or introductions.

We charge £20 for a “Theme”.

A piece of minimum 70, maximum 80 measures that would be ideal for original character themes, gifts, personal videos or events.

We charge £35 for a “Scape”.

A piece of minimum 100, maximum 120 bars that would be ideal for events, gifts, or non-commercial performances.

After return of the initial draft, you may request a set of edits to be made to your commission up to three times, after which an additional £5 will be charged for every set of edits.

We retain the right to:

– Use your piece in our demo reels (with your permission)

– Require that you provide attribution to us.

-Require that you forfeit any money gained through the performance, or through any other other form of display of your piece.

For Commercial Use

Commercial Use commissions are ideal for when you want complete control over the finished product, pricing specific to exactly what you’re getting, and the rights to use the finished piece commercially.

Commercial use customers get unlimited edits, as well as access to midi files and project files once the commission is complete.

We charge £5 as base cost, plus an additional £0.05 per part per beat.

We will discuss beforehand exactly what instruments you want, and at exactly what tempo and number of bars you would like in order to get you a quote for the final price.

With a commercial use license, we typically ask for attribution, though if this is not practical then we may ask for a small royalty fee instead.

Visit the page linked below to use our quote calculator, and to find about more about our how our pricing structure adapts to larger ensembles.

Commercial commissions quote calculator

For charitable use

To charitable or not-for-profit causes, we run a pay-what-you-want service.

Tell us what you can afford to spend, and we’ll see what we are able to provide! When the piece is finished, you don’t have to pay what we discussed previously, though obviously we’d appreciate it if you did.

We license such commissions for commercial use, though we ask that we retain the rights to:

– Release it ourselves;

– Get credited (attribution).

We will release the finished piece on bandcamp, and ask listeners to pay what  they want. We then donate anything we get from this to you! This means that in certain circumstances, it may be possible for your commission to pay itself back.

In order to take advantage of this service, we will require you to provide some sort of written proof that you do in fact represent a charity, and that the piece will be used purely for charitable purposes.


Other things you can purchase

Scores for whatever your current license covers cost exactly half the commercial commission prices: £2.50 as base cost, plus an additional £0.05 per part per beat.

These could be transcriptions, or complete rearrangements for completely different instruments. We can cater to almost every ability level for almost any piece, for almost every instrument, though naturally there will be some exceptions, depending on the piece.

Lyrics and Vocals recordings cost an additional 25% of what you would already be paying on top of what you were already paying, each. All vocals are sung by Jordan Bryan, who is a classically trained male tenor specializing in songs for the stage.

Terms and Conditions

– We do not compose for political, pornographic, or potentially criminal uses.

– We take breaches of our license terms very seriously, and actively seek out and crack down on uses of music we have composed that breaches our terms

– We use PayPal for all transactions.

– Currency conversion rates on the date of payment will be used in every case.

– We will endeavor to work towards whatever deadline you choose to set, though we will not be able promise completion in less than one week. We are classically trained composers, and utilize advanced theoretical techniques, while working with much larger, more demanding ensembles than composers in many other genres, hence we may take longer than some competing services.

Commission us:

Please use either the contact form, or email address provided below.

Address :

unredactedproductions (at) gmail (dot) com