Our Team

Six creatives from across a variety of disciplines, operating as one groundbreaking collective.

Jordan Bryan

Jordan Bryan

Is a sound designer, composer, and classical tenor from the UK.

Jordan sings in various choirs, and has long been involved in amateur productions of the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Jordan released his debut album ‘Genesis’ with Unredacted Productions in April 2018, and released a collaborative album with Gareth Swindail-Parry, compiling their original soundtrack to ‘The Void’ – a stage play by Lauren Williams later that summer.

Jordan is currently working on adapting the first chapters of Unredacted Productions’ in-house serial into a radio drama-style audiobook. As one of Unredacted Productions’ founding members, his involvement stretches into every aspect of the organisation – from the branding to the organisational theory to the content itself: Jordan’s unique degree of focus, and his masterfully perfectionist work ethic make him a truly remarkable creative practitioner.


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Thomas D Nelson

Thomas D Nelson

A classical guitarist and composer from the UK. Thomas uniquely combines elements of neoclassical music with modern electronic styles and techniques.

Thomas is a writer and novice academic. He is the founding member responsible for designing our unique collective model, and is the author of the stories according to which each compilation EP is commissioned.

Thomas is currently in the process of completing a dual EP release, consisting of a collection of popular electronic songs titled ‘Scarlet’ and a collection of soundtrack works titled ‘Slate’.

He recently presented a research paper discussing the Unredacted Productions creative collective model to the JADE conference at the University of Keele in Staffordshire, UK.

Thomas has released music under a variety of pseudonyms over the past six years, the most current being ‘David Eyre’.

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Samuel "Vizard" James Read

Samuel "Vizard" James Read

Is a composer from the UK who composes over a vast range of genres and styles.

His wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as his understanding of a wide range of instruments are shown in his compositions that range from highly complex contemporary classical works, to pieces of popular electronic dance music.

Sam is currently working on various electronic pieces, an assortment of piano pieces, and an extensive back catalogue of soundtrack and classical work. His research essay into the development of interactive audio in video games will be made available through Unredacted Productions later this year.

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Gareth Swindail-Parry

Gareth Swindail-Parry

Gareth is an award winning Welsh Triple Harpist and freelance composer from the UK specialising in the unbroken aural musical traditions of Wales.

He enjoys composing in folk, minimalist and cinematic styles and also practices sound engineering.

Gareth joined us as a consultant for our rebrand, and continues to manage much of Unredacted Productions’ social media. In 2018, he released a collaborative album with Jordan Bryan of their soundtrack for ‘The Void’ – a stageplay by Lauren Williams, and has since released his single ‘The Journey’, and his EP ‘Pathways’. He has also produced Sam Cheshires debut EP ‘A New Utopia’.

Gareth is currently working on two new albums, and works as a freelance Welsh Triple Harpist and Youth Ambassador for Clera. He was awarded the John W Thomas prize for solo folk instrument at Cardiff National Eisteddfod in 2018 and was Cwlwm Celtaidd Young Musician of the Year 2019. He has performed extensively around Wales for the last 4 years, and continues to perform professionally both solo, and with Triple Harp group ‘Ty Teires’.

Gareth can also be contacted via his website, link below.

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Ainé Sigrist

Ainé Sigrist

Ainé is Unredacted Productions’ resident illustrator and artist.

Working across a variety of digital and traditional media as well making use of animation, Ainé’s art is highly expressive and well-geared towards conveying immersive, arresting and beautiful narratives.

Ainé’s illustrations may be found all over our ‘The Story So Far’ page, as well as hidden in the downloads of compilation EPs.

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Joseph Wong

Joseph Wong

Joseph Wong is our resident graphic designer. A fast, and highly effective collaborator, Joe’s work may be found all over our website and social media. From our logo to our album covers, our YouTube thumbnails to many of the graphics on this website, we owe the vast majority of the visual design of our brand to Joe.

Potential customers may contact Joe, as well as view his wider portfolio through his own website.

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