David Eyre


Systema EP


Six tracks commissioned by graphic novel artist Serpyra to accompany their webcomic ‘Vindicaris’, kindly supported by backers of the comic’s first Kickstarter campaign.


Read Vindicaris

The Anomalous

Twenty three astounding collaborators assemble a team of seven remarkable superheroes via the medium of ten extraordinary pieces of music – in the space of a single week.


Four themes for main characters in a science-fantasy espionage story.
“Numbers” composed in collaboration with Jordan E. Bryan.

Not Quite Other Villains

Three unconventional antagonist themes.

Both themes and respective antagonists are somehow unconventional.

The Few - From 'Their Finest Hour'

An original hymn tune in two arrangements, composed to mark Remembrance Day 2018. The first in collaboration with Jordan E. Bryan, the second by Jordan E. Bryan.

Remix of 'Respite' by Jordan E. Bryan

An eclectic, funky remix of Jordan E. Bryan’s ‘Respite’.

The Art of Fiction

David Eyre’s innovative style demonstrated in two highly unique electronic compositions

Remix of 'Space Funk' by Samuel "Vizard" Read

Eyre and Read’s long-standing collaborative partnership strikes again with this electro-funk rendition of Vizard’s dance track.


Three pieces representing aspects of the narrative of Unredacted Productions’ in-house dystopian revolution thriller.

Data Leak

Two pieces composed as prequels to Unredacted Productions’ collaborative EP ‘Ayres/Fleur’.


Six Themes composed for other artists and collaborators online.

Theme From 'John Is.'

A theme for a short experimental film.


Three narrative pieces from Unredacted Productions’ debut EP ‘Devizes’.
Devizes’ Theme was first composed by Samuel J. Read.

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