We Are Unredacted Productions.

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In June 2017

On an internet dominated by solo creators,
In a society where the creative arts and independant creative practise are looked down on, or worse ignored altogether by the people in charge of the opportunities to take this practise further-

In a culture split down the middle between the ancient traditional forms and the fast-changing modern practises –

Three composers had an idea.

The Idea

Unredacted Productions is the solution to a number of problems, issues or desires put forward by its members and the communities that inspired it.

On one hand, it is a sandbox in which its members experiment. It is those artists’ demo reel. It is a foray into entrepreneurship, an excuse to hang out and make noises, and ‘a bit of fun’.

In terms of media, it is an experiment in digital content creation – an artefact of zero-budget transmedia storytelling and new media art. It bridges the gap between the world of popular content and the centuries-old classical traditions via the medium of the internet.

“Unredacted Productions” was previously known as “The Quantum Sweep”.