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Welcome to Unredacted Productions

Welcome to Unredacted Productions

We are a collective of artists, writers, sound designers, and musicians that blend the divide between popular and classical styles.

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We don’t just look and sound unique – we are unique.¬†Our innately collaborative organisational structure and work ethic embraces our diverse range of creative capabilties, making every commission the work of a powerful collective, and not just one lone artist.

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Built for New Media

At its heart, Unredacted Productions’ organisation relies on academia. Great new interdisciplinary ideas with implications for all feasible forms of communication put new media and transmedia content creation front and center. But we don’t just keep up with all these new ideas – we make them.

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We Tell Stories

We Tell Stories

We take cross-media collaboration and transmedia narratives for granted, so of course we had to make one ourselves.

In layman’s terms: “Hey yeah we’re the people that write those serials and release all that music about reality warping chevrons, secretive cults of mathematicians, and sentient fedoras! Thank you so much for checking us out!

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